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Contracts, Commitments & Clarity: OTAVA’s Take on the Broadcom-VMware Evolution

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There is a lot going on with the Broadcom acquisition of VMware, and we know it’s a lot to keep up with. In this blog, we are breaking things down and having a real talk about what’s happening, what it all means, and how OTAVA is handling things on our end.

Contracts and Execution Strategy

First up, contracts and the execution plan. This is where the details are of how things are going to work moving forward. There are plenty of unknowns and a lot to unpack. OTAVA is on top of it and ready to guide you through it. Our goal is to ensure that OTAVA partners are well-informed and prepared for the changes that lie ahead.

Balancing Acts & Partner Opportunities

We’re not going to sugarcoat it – there’s a bit of tension in the ecosystem right now as everyone is waiting on more clarity from Broadcom about program details and terms. What does this mean for you? It’s about finding a new comfort zone in a shifting landscape, and we’re here to help our partners find their path amidst the changes, especially with deadlines peeking around the corner.

Pricing and Commitments

Switching from memory-based to core pricing isn’t just a small tweak – it’s a big shift. Questions about costs? Totally valid. We’re making every effort to keep our pricing straightforward and predictable.

Contract Concerns and Flexibility

Many of you have expressed concerns about contract terms, especially around the portability of core commitments and the duration of agreements. We know locking into a long-term deal can feel daunting. From core commitment portability to contract lengths, we’re advocating for terms that offer you the most agility. We want to make sure you have options that reflect your reality and allow you to scale and shift as needed.

Partner Ecosystem and Non-Compete Assurance

With Broadcom cutting its partner program from 4,500 to 500, that leaves 4,000 service providers that have to partner with either a Pinnacle or Premier Partner (like OTAVA) in Broadcom’s ecosystem. We understand the anxiety around potential conflicts of interest. Here’s our promise – we’re playing fair. Competing in the same space doesn’t mean stepping on each other’s toes. We’re setting up safeguards like non-complete clauses to ensure that while we may be playing in the same sandbox, you have your own space to build something great.

Forward-Looking Statements

At OTAVA, we’re not just reacting to the changes; we’re proactive and ready to pivot whenever needed. Our commitment to being transparent and quick on our feet hasn’t changed, and that’s how we’ll continue to operate, no matter what the tech world throws our way.


We appreciate the trust and partnership of our community. We’re excited about the future and committed to walking through this transition together. As always, we’re here to talk—no concern too small, no question too big.

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