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Containerized Data Centers: In What Situations Do They Make Sense?

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I recently attended the inaugural meeting of the 7 x 24 Exchange group held in Southfield on September 14th.

The topic of this initial seminar was “Come learn about Containerized Data Centers and Packaged Infrastructure”.

The presentation was given by HP and Active Power. The talk was centered around learning how containerized systems compare to traditional brick-and-mortar data centers in the areas of:

  • Reliability
  • Lead time
  • Time-to-Construct
  • Capital Costs and Operating Costs
  • Energy Efficiency Goals

My take away from this meeting could be summarized as follows. If you are an enterprise company, that has capital to spend, available secure land and a static computer environment, then this just might make sense vs. building a new data center.

However, if you are a small to medium business, with little to no capital to spend, and you don’t have a secure place to put BOTH the data center container and the power plant, plus you have a fluid set of computer requirements then perhaps they might not be right for your business. There are plenty of more cost effective solutions like outsourcing your hosting to a data center operator who can handle all of your IT infrastructure.

Where are you seeing containerized data centers being used?

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