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Colocation Rack and Stack Service

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Online Tech Adds New Colocation Rack & Stack Service to Simplify Colocation Move In.

We’ve just added a new Rack&Stack Service for our colocation clients.  We’ve had an unbelievable number of clients ask for a way to help them offload and simplify their colocation move-in, so this new offering is in direct response to those customer requests.

Online Tech’s Colocation Rack&Stack™ is our turnkey colocation rack design and build service that eliminates the hassle of installing your servers at the data center.  We’ll design your rack layout, uncrate your servers, install them in your colocation rack, and wire everything to your specification. Our Colocation Rack&Stack Service is a hassle-free way to deploy your colocation without ever needing to visit our data center.

Check out the before & after shots:

Imagine Trying to trace a faulty cable in this layout!

Online Tech’s Colocation Stack&Rack Service – Easy to Manage & Maintain

Learn more on our web page for Colocation Rack and Stack.

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