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Choosing Wisely: Finding Your Match in Broadcom’s Partner Program

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The past few months have brought about significant talks surrounding the impact of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware. VMware’s partner program had 4,500 partners. But, that program is a thing of the past. Broadcom introduced their new Broadcom Advantage Partner Program and cut the number of partners down to 500. This leaves 4,000 CSPs searching for a partner in Broadcom’s ecosystem to help provide VMware cloud services to their customers.

While there are deadlines approaching for CSPs to find a partner… Proceed with caution. Avoid a hasty decision and make sure you’re choosing the right partner.

Premature Pricing

CSPs are receiving and acting on what we call “premature pricing.” With deadlines in place, the eagerness to sign on the dotted line and mitigate cost-related risks is understandable, but we urge caution. Contracts and pricing structures are still in the being inked, and a hasty decision might inadvertently lead to greater risks rather than curbing them.

Strategy is Key

In this complex landscape, strategy takes center stage. Consider a two-phased approach: discovery and optimization. Reflect on your current architecture and the changes ahead to reduce unnecessary expenditures and align with future, cost-informed plans.

The Right Time to Commit

Decisions need not be rushed. The focus should be on preventing a potential long-term financial strain, not just a temporary fix. You may feel forced to make a quick decision because you don’t want your costs to burn even a month. A premature commitment may feel like the best option right now. However, it could lead to burning your costs for 36 months instead. Patience can lead to more informed decisions that pay off in the long run. You may have to pay more for 30-60 days but save yourself 34 months of a higher run rate.

Choosing the Right Partner

When selecting partners, prioritize those who will enhance your revenue growth. Consider their support structure, development capabilities, and relationships within the industry. It’s not solely about cost control but investing in relationships that will catapult your business to new heights.

Partnering with OTAVA

We are thrilled to support our partners, especially those who are committed to digital transformation and collaboration. Not only are we a Premier Partner in Broadcom’s Advantage Partner Program, OTAVA has made huge strides for our partners, launching the revamped CloudPulse Partner Program in April 2024. Our resources, like the OTAVA CloudPulse Portal, are tailored to foster business growth and innovation.

We invite you to engage with us, share your insights, and explore how we can support your ambitions in this ever-evolving digital era. Keep pushing boundaries and stay strategic.

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