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CEOs Describe the Encrypted Cloud – A High Performance, Easy-to-Buy Machine

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Have you purchased a song or app from Apple lately? It was fairly quick and simple to do. Wasn’t it? That simplicity is exactly how Yan Ness, Online Tech Co-CEO, explains the ease of purchasing Online Tech’s new encrypted cloud.

“This is an easy to buy cloud server environment,” says Ness.  “It’s kinda like buying a .99 song from Apple.  You buy it (encrypted cloud) and you get all the encryption and all the performance from an enterprise-wide EMC based environment.”

In the following video Online Tech Co-CEOs, Mike Klein and Yan Ness, describe how the encrypted cloud offers high performance.

Encryption – It’s Automatic
At Online Tech, we find that many of our competitors leave encryption up to their customers. This can cause a huge impact on performance by incorporating software and software libraries. Customers are also left with key management concerns like losing encryption keys or someone else getting a hold of the encryption keys.

For Online Tech cloud clients, encryption is really a non-issue since it’s automatically included in our multi-tenant, private and enterprise cloud environments. We decide to “wrap all of that in” because it is a healthcare requirement as well as a requirement in many other high security areas, says Klein.

Encryption – No Impact on Performance
With our next generation cloud, Online Tech really focused on customers who have big data needs. Our network fabric sits between the blade servers and the SAN itself with a gross 80GB capacity. The number of IOPs and throughput between your cloud server and cloud server storage – it’s not out there. You can’t get this type of encryption and high performance – all in one package – anywhere else.

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