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Against prior popular belief, cloud computing a boon for professional IT jobs

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Remember years ago when the prevailing thought was that the proliferation of cloud computing would decimate professional IT jobs? As the folks at VMware point out in a recent blog post, just the opposite appears to have happened:

Never before have opportunities for IT professionals been greater. IDC, for one, predicts cloud spending will reach $100 billion over the coming year. Add to that the fact that employers have been on an unstoppable IT hiring binge over the past three years – Career Builder, an employment firm, says software developer jobs alone have increased 12% since 2010.

In the course of compiling press releases and client profiles, numerous organizations have told Online Tech that moving to our encrypted, enterprise-class cloud has freed up their own IT staff to spend more time on projects with a greater direct impact on the success of the business.

Back to the post from VMware (Online Tech uses their fault-tolerant hosts in its next-generation cloud architecture), they claim “the rise of the cloud-powered enterprise not only means greater opportunities for IT professionals but for their bosses and business colleagues as well.”

They say cloud computing has elevated the role of IT leaders to full-fledged advisors and consultants to the business; has created “an insatiable demand for software developers, engineers and architects;” and has created a “potential path to success for many business professionals.”

Read the full VMware post here.

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