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7 Reasons your Business Needs Desktop as a Service

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The number of ‘as a service’ platforms has increased rapidly in recent years, after starting with the basics, like Software as a Service and Platform as a Service. With this trend, saying ‘Anything as a Service’ doesn’t seem to be an understatement. Hidden in this long list of ‘aaS’ providers are many services you can use to keep your business more competitive. What’s so great about so many “as a service” programs is that you’re able to access various business functions through the cloud 24×7.

With today’s workforce becoming more mobile, your IT department will appreciate having something like Desktop as a Service. Here are seven reasons your business needs Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

1. Cost Savings

Companies lose thousands of dollars a year in the form of lost workloads, intellectual property and other data due to stolen or lost computers. With Desktop as a Service, data is housed in the cloud and can be easily restored. Additionally, when updates need to be made to physical desktops, it could take the IT department weeks to roll out to the entire company. With DaaS, updates can be rolled out to multiple computers at once, saving time and money. Desktop as a Service allows you to access a desktop through the cloud while on the go. Your employees can essentially have a desktop with them on their mobile devices when working in the field. Plus, it’s accessible at all times, including weekends and holidays.

2. The Security Aspect

In addition to the cost savings associated with stolen data, there is the security aspect. Desktop as a Service encrypts your data and can be easily restored, so you don’t have to worry about devices being stolen and landing in the wrong hands.

In emergencies, being able to access a program or file from your hosted desktop can become a major lifesaver. You won’t have to worry about what a thief might do with your data if they snatch a laptop, desktop, or mobile device when you aren’t looking.

3. Safety From Hackers

Despite the myths about the cloud not being safe, it truly is when fully managed. All desktop contents go into a remote server with military-grade encryption. It’s pretty tough to hack these systems, and you’re already safeguarding yourself from hosting on your own server.

While you can protect yourself from outside thieves, you’ll also avoid being the victim of an internal hacker.

4. Only Use What You Need

One of the greatest benefits of DaaS is the flexibility aspect in letting you rent only the infrastructure you need at any given time. You can always add more or remove what isn’t necessary later.

Since your vendor provides all the IT management with DaaS, you won’t have to burden your IT staff with the system. The vendor offers around-the-clock support lines if you need any help.

5. Enables Mobile Workforce

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) allows your business to operate virtually from any location and on any device. More and more companies are implementing the Bring Your Own Device model (BYOD) into their businesses, and Desktop as a Service makes this transition much easier. It reduces desktop support, management hours and increases multi-device functionalities companywide.

While Desktop as a Service (DaaS) naturally offers the convenience of mobile workforce, it’s especially pertinent for situations where companies are forced to operate remotely. This includes businesses that require frequent travel and global instances like a pandemic in which employees have to stay home. Overall, it boosts confidence in your ability to remotely manage and update devices across the board.

Anyone who needs to work remotely can do so and securely access all their files and software at any location and on any device. Allotting more convenience like this means higher productivity rates and workflows.

6. Maximum Uptime

Downtime is no doubt your biggest fear every week. Working with real desktops can mean possible malfunctions that could bring your business operations to a standstill.

DaaS is always available 24×7 without concern about server failure or other technical mishaps. Thanks to redundant power supplies and reliable internet connectivity, you can always access your hosted desktop as long as you have a device to go online.

7. Keeping Yourself Compliant

With so many security compliance guidelines to keep up with, it’s impossible to do a lot of it on your own. Your DaaS vendor continually updates your service so you can always stay compliant with customer data. No more do you have to wonder if you or another employee bothered to manually upload computer updates to keep your data safe. Contact us at Otava to learn about how we can bring Desktop as a Service to you. We also offer many other managed IT services that can streamline your business operations.

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