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5 Benefits of Managed Cloud Services for Pandemic Planning

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With the current circumstances, businesses are under immense stress to function normally. Organizations have been forced to operate remotely, have undergone significant changes in a short amount of time and their networks have become increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks like ransomware and phishing. This could be for a variety of reasons including weak cybersecurity cultures, the number of remote networks employees are using and business owners wearing too many hats.  For all these reasons, managed cloud services are vital to the success of any corporation, but especially during a pandemic when organizations are facing more challenges than usual. Here are 5 benefits of managed services for pandemic planning.

1. Managed Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery plan is important as it is but is especially beneficial during uncertain times like a pandemic. Remember that a disaster can come in many shapes and forms. Whether it’s human error from an employee who’s working remotely or a cybercriminal hacking into your network and corrupting vital files, a disaster recovery plan should be implemented into your pandemic plan. Fortunately, once an organization has invested into Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), they can trust a managed cloud service provider like Otava to support their disaster recovery process so that there is minimal downtime in the event of a disaster.

2. On-Demand 24x7x365 Support

Like managed disaster recovery, businesses can receive service and support at their leisure. Whether it’s an issue with their Hosted PBX or retrieving a file that has been backed up to the cloud, a company can easily get in touch with their cloud service provider to solve the problem. Not only does round-the-clock support offer overall convenience, it also allows companies to focus their attention elsewhere and is particularly important for staying afloat during instances like a pandemic. Specialists as well as other relevant personnel are also readily available to address any concerns or issues you might experience with your network. The 24-hour support offered by your managed service provider allows for the rapid resolution of any detected issues.

3. Automatic Upgrades

Additionally, cloud technology is constantly evolving, which makes it easy for your network infrastructure to become obsolete if not regularly update and upgraded. However, keeping your cloud infrastructure constantly up to date can be a challenge given the rapid rate of innovation in cloud technology. Using a managed cloud service provider frees businesses from constantly trying to keep their network updated. A managed service provider stays abreast of advances in the cloud and upgrades your network infrastructure as needed. The combination of on-demand support and automatic upgrades ensures businesses are up and running at all times without sacrificing quality service. In a nutshell, a managed cloud service provider allows businesses centralized control and peace of mind all-in-one.

4. Flexible Payment Options and Cost Savings 

Flexibility and saving money are must-haves for most companies, especially for pandemic planning.  Using a managed cloud service provider saves you money over the long term. With a managed service provider, you are no longer responsible for any capital or operational expenses incurred in maintaining your cloud network infrastructure. You also no longer have the responsibility of hiring people with the needed skill sets to maintain your infrastructure. Your only responsibility is to make regular payments to the managed cloud service provider that you have tasked with supporting your cloud network. Additionally, companies can choose hourly and monthly payment options, depending on what works for their overall business model or current circumstances during a pandemic.

5. Network Security and Reliable Infrastructure

Ensuring that your network is secure is extremely important when using the cloud. With a larger attack surface and multiple attack vectors, your cloud network is susceptible to penetration and compromise if not fully secured. Cloud security is a complex and complicated process, requiring personnel with skillsets that are not readily available and in high demand. When it comes COVID-19 or any other pandemic, businesses are a lot more vulnerable and prone to cyberattacks like ransomware and phishing because of the work-from-home environments. With the strings of multiple networks that are being operated on, companies need a reliable infrastructure that offers increased network security. Managed service providers have the knowledge and relevant personnel necessary to keep your cloud network secure from unauthorized access.

Setting up a network infrastructure is a complex and time-intensive process. If not done properly, your network infrastructure may actually hinder, rather than enhance, your business. Managed service providers have the knowledge and experience necessary to build and maintain a cloud network infrastructure. As such, using a managed cloud service provider assures the durability as well as the reliability of the cloud network infrastructure.

Why Choose Otava

Businesses have the advantage of the set-it-and-forget-it-model while also building and maintaining a strong relationship with Otava as their managed cloud service provider. Essentially, Otava offers automation that modern businesses need in every industry without it becoming a cookie-cutter service. This is extremely essential for pandemic planning—as most small to medium-sized businesses are unsure of their next steps when faced with situations that seem out of their control. Business protection is top priority for every organization. This can make it difficult to choose the right managed cloud service provider. Otava provides the best of both worlds to ensure ultimate business security for organizations. To learn more about our managed cloud services, contact us today.

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