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4 Ways Cloud Solutions Increase Productivity in IT Organizations

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Today, in the competitive world of business, companies have one main objective: to turn a profit. With every internal organization orbiting around this goal, it makes perfect sense that companies look to optimize processes to become more productive and, in turn, increase profitability.

In order to improve productivity, companies must leverage the best solutions possible. With CIOs being asked to do more with less, cloud solutions have become the go-to technology to help IT organizations be more productive, and here’s why:

 1.  Environments on-demand

Provisioning an on premises solution can take months, and IT organizations can suffer in the meantime. With cloud solutions, environments can be spun up on demand and torn down once they are no longer needed. For organizations looking to quickly deploy test and development environments or spin up extra space during busy season, cloud can get the job done. This means that teams spend less time on-boarding a new solution and more time on important project tasks. In this way, cloud computing improves productivity and allows companies to cut down on time to market.

2. Restore Faster

In most organizations, downtime is a bad word. The longer your business experiences an outage, the worse it can be for your bottom line. For this reason, companies are more frequently choosing to deploy backups in the cloud. With cloud backups, companies can restore from outages faster, compared to on premises solutions. While traditional tape backups can take days to retrieve, cloud backups can be restored in a matter of hours.

And what if disaster strikes? Having data offsite in a cloud environment also helps to protect it if something happens to your on premises solution. Ransomware attacks, natural disasters and human error are all things that can affect your company unexpectedly, and with disaster recovery in the cloud, your company can quickly fail over and get back online. All of this translates to less time troubleshooting downtime and more time focusing on important projects.

3.  Scalability

Say goodbye to paying large sums of money for additional hardware, and long timelines for provisioning, to accommodate growth. In addition to being able to deploy on demand environments, those environments can be scaled up or down depending on need. This added flexibility makes the cloud ideal for companies looking to maximize productivity.

4. Connectivity

These days, a lot of companies are powered by a mobile workforce. The ability to connect to colleagues and company resources remotely is a huge advantage of cloud technology. From virtual desktops to hosted phones, the ease of connectivity of the cloud spans across many solutions. For IT organizations, the ability to manage updates and patches organization-wide is simplified with cloud solutions. Instead of managing each individual device, updates can be done to the solution as a whole and dispatched to each device automatically.

Bottom Line

Doing more with less does not have to be a challenge; with cloud solutions , less is more. Your organization can spend less money and utilize less resources to get more work completed faster. For more information about how your business can take advantage of could solutions and Otava’s ultra-low latency nationwide network, contact us.

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