Our passion for excellence is our x-factor.

At Otava, we’re focused on one goal: delivering exceptional client results. This passion for excellence fuels us to explore new solutions and bring them to life with our partners and clients. Through innovation and collaboration, we overcome every regulatory and security challenge and execute with fierce dedication.


Thinking outside the box is never an issue here, because the box simply doesn’t exist for us.

More than a name, Otava is a promise.

The word “otava” has many meanings, from musical octaves and heroic poems to the brightest constellation rising above the northern sky. It’s a lofty word that perfectly describes our promise to work in harmony with our partners, boldly overcome every challenge and elevate client results above all expectations.

Expect Exceptional

We’re not afraid to be bold.

“Expect Exceptional” isn’t just a nifty tagline for our logo. These are the words we’ve always lived by, day in and day out. That means calling ourselves out at daily company meetings where we review clients’ exceptional (or not-so-exceptional) experiences and celebrate the team members who went above and beyond. It also means proactively alerting clients of events through our global broadcast system, so they can rest assured we’re on it. At Otava, we will never be satisfied with “good enough.” Instead, we’re on a mission to elevate client results beyond all expectations. It must be working – current clients and partners report being happier with our support than with any other vendor.

Exceptional Experience#79

I’d like to recognize extraordinary client focus and team work by Scotty H, Travis A, Aaron L, Jeff L and Kamil K on their cross environment swarming efforts to correct a deployment. It was learned that a new deployment was not fully configured, leaving the client with no access to their VMware. Without training or full access to systems our teams were able to jump in and work together to resolve the issue for the client. Great job, teams!

Cyndi Lyon

Complete Compliance and Security Coverage

Security and compliance at the heart of it all.

You know the value of your data. We know how to protect it in the cloud. In fact, as the first 100% HIPAA compliant service provider in the US, there aren’t many companies who’ve been doing it longer than we have. Our defense-in-depth-approach encompasses administrative, physical and technical safeguards to protect your data three ways. Security and compliance are baked into every process, every service and of course, every facility. Whichever facility you choose, Otava solutions live in an environment that is independently audited against SOC 2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and EU-US Privacy Shield standards.

Passionate Service

Don’t worry. We’ve got this.

When it comes to securing sensitive environments in the cloud, we won’t let anything stop us. Whether it’s our dedicated technical account managers or client-focused support engineers, every person here is determined to provide the highest quality service possible. Our consistent Net Promoter Score of 90 or higher proves our team works harder and delves deeper than most. Need even more proof? We have it straight from our clients and partners who tell real-life stories of Otava team members going above and beyond to get the job done. Like the engineer who resolved a support issue as he was wheeled into the operating room, and the client-side problems we fix—not because we have to, but because we can.

Partnerships Built on Trust

The hybrid cloud ecosystem where everyone wins.

Everyday cloud services are no match for the requirements of data-sensitive environments. We get it, and we’ve got your back. You won’t find another partner who will get to know your business like we will, and you won’t find another team as dedicated to supporting the toughest requirements and creating win-win deals to get the job done. From our zero-conflict channel promise and partner-centric product portfolio to dedicated sales and joint marketing resources, every aspect of our channel program is designed for your success.

The Perfect Portal

The perfect portal to bring it all together.

Perfect? Yep, we went there. But when you see what you can do with OTPortal®, we’re pretty sure you’ll be as excited about it as we are. Use it to gain visibility and control across your entire IT environment. From a single pane of glass, you can see and manage it all. Plus, you’ll gain valuable insights to streamline operations and increase productivity. OTPortal® is THE portal to simplify complex hybrid cloud environments, and we’re crazy proud of it.

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