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Avoiding Disaster: Tools and tips for recovery preparedness with Otava and Veeam

Posted 7.28.20 by
Carrie Kennedy

Learn more in the latest installment in our Java with Otava series for an in-depth discussion on disaster recovery preparedness, disaster impacts on organizations, and risk mitigation.

Grab a cup of coffee and join us for the latest in our Java with Otava series, where attorney Tatiana Melnik, a specialist in IT and cyber liability, and experts from Veeam and Otava chat about the following topics:

  • Data privacy and security legal concerns and remediation
  • Cyber liability and data breach insurance: Do you need it?
  • The primary cause of disasters: human error and malicious attacks
  • Appropriating the right solution for each of your workloads

If you have questions for any of our panelists or want to learn more about any of Otava’s cloud backup offerings, contact us or email us — we’re happy to help!

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