Your database is the house for your data. Make yours the envy of the neighborhood with Otava database management. Our Database Acrobats (DBAs) improve the effectiveness of your organization because we can optimize, super-fasterize, and make-your-life-betterize all database queries. Instead of stressing about database performance and cracking the whip on your DBA staff, call on Otava. Our experts can augment your existing resources with enhanced capabilities and/or off-hours support to help you eliminate bottlenecks and waste so your DBA’s can get a good night’s sleep.


Anxious to hear how we get started? First, we’ll work with you and your team to analyze your database and improve its efficiency and performance. Then, we’ll help keep your database running optimally every hour, every day. Concerned you don’t have enough DBA’s on staff to keep up? Don’t worry about it. We’ll provide you with as much full-time support as you need to keep your database running smoothly.


From needs assessments, database design and configuration to everyday monitoring and management, professional database administrators are ready to help turn your database into a lean, mean, optimized machine.

Get in touch with an Otava Rep today – just provide us with a bit of information below to get started and we’ll reach out to you shortly!