What is Otava Cloud?

It’s is a simple way to enable bold business transformation, even in data-sensitive environments. Built on VMware’s Cloud Director, Otava Cloud gives enterprises the power to innovate and partners the tools to efficiently expand their cloud offerings, all within a framework of robust security. Available in single or multi-tenant as well as managed and self-managed options, Otava’s purpose-built cloud infrastructures promote cost optimization, improved network performance and strengthen business resiliency postures. View and manage your public, private, or multi-cloud environment with a simple user interface, and rely on Otava’s people-centered support team, available 24x7x365, whenever you need assistance. Otava Cloud empowers your business to focus on the things you do best – while we focus on cloud.

Key features:

No Ingress or Egress Fees – Move resources and workloads to and from your cloud environment as needed – with zero additional fees.

Role-Based AccessDelegate control of applications, infrastructure and networking management.

Integrated Veeam and VMware ToolsManage backup and continuity solutions to fully protect workloads and data, quickly and easily.

Multi or Single-Tenant  – Optimize your cloud experience by placing workloads in the cloud best suited for them, be it multi-tenant, single-tenant or a combination of both.

Managed or Self-Managed Choose the cloud experience that is right for your businesses with Otava managed, or self-managed options.

Self-Service Interface – Single pane of glass into self-service consumption and provisioning of cloud services, including 3rd-party services and cloud provider-built services.

Compliance Baked-In – All Otava Cloud infrastructures are hosted in  environments that are compliant in HIPAA, PCI, SOC 1,2 &3, and HITRUST.

Multi-Tenant Resource Pooling- Otava Cloud helps create virtual data centers from common or distributed infrastructure to cater to heterogeneous enterprise customer needs.

Natively Integrate Offerings – Otava Cloud has an open extensible form-factor that is leveraged by leading data protection, storage, network, security, and other cloud software vendors.

Key benefits:

Scalability – Quickly grow or shrink your cloud workloads without purchasing any hardware to effectively respond to market demands.

Geo-Diversity – Select from over 15 data centers strategically located across the globe to achieve extensive redundancy.

Compliance – Compliance is baked into all of our solutions and data centers.

Environment Transparency – Instantly gain visibility into your system’s health and performance.

Self-Service – Manage your own environment using a single pane of glass to provision and consume cloud services, including 3rd-party services and cloud provider-built services.

Easy Workload Migration Across Virtual Data Centers – Backup, evacuate, or replicate VMs or entire data centers in a few clicks to a resilient VCD-powered cloud.

Peace of Mind – Protect business data  off-site virtually to ensure continuity in the event of a catastrophe.

How is Otava Cloud impacting businesses?

Otava Cloud delivers cost optimization, agility, and high-powered performance to empower organizations to realize digital transformation. With the ability to provision resources in a matter of minutes, Otava Cloud brings businesses to revenue faster and allows organizations to quickly scale their environment to effectively respond to market fluctuations – without the need to purchase any additional hardware. Otava’s robust security framework keeps your environment protected and puts supplementary BaaS and DRaaS solutions at your fingertips to fill any business resiliency gaps. With Otava Cloud you can expect improved network performance, business agility, and 24x7x365 support when you need it.



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