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Broadcom White Label Program for CSPs

Managed VMware cloud services, all under your own brand.

As a Premier Partner in Broadcom’s Advantage Partner Program, OTAVA offers white label capabilities to CSPs (cloud service providers). This program allows you to consume VCF licensing through OTAVA and leverage our expert team of engineers for support and escalations to Broadcom. OTAVA is well-positioned to be your advocate as Broadcom continues to specify their program details and processes.

What To Expect as a Partner

Transparent Pricing

Know your costs upfront, plus discounts based on core commitments.

Client Success Team

We put our partners first and prioritize your success.

Support You Can Count On

We’ve got your back 24x7x365 with robust monitoring, patching, and break-fix support.

Expert Team of Engineers

OTAVA is a VCF Certified Partner with a deep bench of VMware-certified engineers.

Empowerment Through Learning

Elevate your expertise with OTAVA’s comprehensive educational offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the Usage Meter in the new White Label program? 

Usage meters will continue to be used moving forward and monitored on the cores in all Registered Tier environments. OTAVA is financially responsible to Broadcom for the use and monitoring of those usage meters. In this situation, OTAVA is required to have access to the usage meter. This is a Broadcom-imposed program requirement.    


How will OTAVA preserve data privacy and sensitive customer data?  

First and foremost, OTAVA views all Registered Tier White Label partners as strategic relationships. OTAVA WILL NOT attempt to access any customer data on the usage meter. OTAVA will solely monitor the usage of the cores that are part of your commit and/or overage that will be generated in the environment.   


What is the Usage Meter architecture and how will OTAVA ensure segmentation of customer data?    

OTAVA is centralizing its Usage Meter architecture to ensure that operations to maintain the Usage Meters are as unintrusive as possible for each partner.  OTAVA will have a vCD instance in an OTAVA data center and create separate organizations, segments and Usage Meters for each White Label partner.  Those Org IDs will be aggregated, and data will be provided to the Broadcom portal for billing purposes by OTAVA. Usage meters will communicate and meter client environments via an IPSec VPN tunnel from the OTAVA data center to the tenant. OTAVA will create the vCD Org, Segments, NSX edges and Usage Meter connections for each partner. 

During the implementation process, OTAVA will need to do a screen share with partners where they will provide addresses and credentials to all VMware licensed products to access the environment to complete the configurations for connectivity.  At no time will the client need to provide credentials or access to the partner environment beyond set-up and the partner maintains ongoing control of those credentials to maintain appropriate security posture to the environment.    


How will the Usage Meter be set-up during Onboarding, and how will the Register Tier partner participate?     

The Registered Tier partner must assist with the VPN connectivity between their data center and OTAVA.  A network engineer is required to assist in establishing the VPN.  OTAVA will ask partners to create a ZenDesk account which will allow tickets to be issued to the partner for the onboarding set-up. 

What will usage charges look like for April through May and beyond?   

Now that you have committed to OTAVA as a White Label partner, the designation will be provided to Broadcom of the relationship.  It is not yet clear how that will happen as the Broadcom portal does not currently support that functionality.  However, Usage has not been billed since the beginning of April 2024.  So once the process is complete, OTAVA will be billed for the Registered Tier partner consumption for April and May.  OTAVA will send each Registered Tier partner a bill with a net 30 payment terms for those months.   


How will usage be billed for DR / SRM or NFR services?   

Any usage associated to a vCenter server in production will be billed at the core commitment rate for a given month.  If a customer is running a DR target that has a federated vCenter server that is not part of production (i.e. DR target) those cores will be billed overage usage for the time they are active for a fail-over test.  All vCenter servers must be associated to a Usage Meter to maintain compliance with the Broadcom program. 

If I need additional support who can I reach out?

If you still have questions, please reach out to [email protected] .


The usage meter is a tool that collects and reports VMware product consumption data for registered tier providers. These resources will walk you through deploying usage meters.

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OTAVA® Alliance Program

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