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Why Production in the Cloud Makes Sense

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More and more companies are moving production to the cloud for a variety of important reasons. The value, capability, accessibility and features of cloud production are now overwhelming. Even small businesses are taking advantage of this new technology and applying all of the capabilities that they can provide. There are several reasons why it makes so much sense.

Risk Mitigation

First and foremost, production in the cloud mitigates risk by removing the memory and analysis from the physical hardware. The computer can be damaged or destroyed and all of the crucial information will be stored in the cloud. Additionally, that memory is stored in redundant locations so a natural catastrophe cannot eliminate the information either. With this risk mitigation out of the way, analysts and management can feel much more secure in their work.

Production Scalability

The second reason is the ability to scale rapidly. Companies no longer need to purchase and install huge server farms before they can start serving customers. They can start right away with a basic back-end and cloud functionality.

As the user base and data needs grow, cloud service providers automatically scale with demand. Whether a company needs an additional terabyte or ten terabytes, they can simply click a box, enter a credit card number and instantly have access to the storage. This is radically different than just a few years ago.


Of course, cloud production is much more affordable for the vast majority of companies, especially when they are just starting out. In the old days, firms had to make a huge investment into their servers and place them physically in their offices. They hired server admin staff and spent time to integrate their systems with the hardware. This investment could easily top six or seven figures which is a high bar for a new firm.

Today that is all changed with the advent of cloud services. Companies can start placing large amounts of data in the cloud for under a hundred dollars a month. The data is secure, accessible and formatted for production and analysis. All of these features are less than a cell phone bill which makes it much cheaper to get up and running.


Remote employees used to be completely shut out of the core processes of the business. They could only get documents or data by requesting them specifically. A server admin or colleague would have to conduct their own search until they find the requested information and email it back. The process could stretch over days.

Now that has all changed. Employees anywhere on Earth with the right security features and internet connection can log on to the network and immediately get the data they need. They can be far more productive and get the information they need right away.

Imagine a sales person trying to access CRM data before they walk into a client meeting in a foreign location. A researcher conducting field tests or in-person surveys can similarly pull crucial information to complete their tasks. All of this is now possible with the remote access capability of cloud production.


At the end of the day, cloud production is about accessing raw power. Firms can use cloud processing to rapidly crunch Big Data numbers. They can also store a large amount of data such as daily retail transactions, web traffic, stock market information and scientific research that can accumulate an enormous amount of data. All of this can be held in the cloud rather than a stationary server.

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