02-07-14 | Webinar

What is the biggest obstacle to successful data backup plans?


Otava continues its business continuity series of videos on data backup and replication by explaining the biggest obstacle to creating successful data backup plans.


Steven: Some of the biggest obstacles for companies getting their data backed up is learning how to classify important data. Everybody’s heard of this data overload where generating all of this data and all of this information.

Some of it, if you don’t have the budget or the time to back up everything, it’s understanding what’s really important to the business and classifying that data and getting it on a strict backup schedule. If you don’t do that first then generally what happens is you spend a lot of time just trying to backup everything.

You can either do a data classification program and implement backups incrementally as you go from most important to least important or you can backup everything on the server in generally in a more cost effective manner using an outsource provider, something like that.

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