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07-17-17 | Webinar

What is a Hybrid Cloud?


See how combining the advantages of the public and private cloud allows you to have the best of both worlds with a scalable, cost-effective hybrid cloud.


Throughout history, people have been trying to manage their work more efficiently and predictably by organizing their important tasks, trusting their advisors, and establishing repeatable systems. The same is true for running mission-critical IT.

In simpler times, you could buy a dedicated server and devote one application to run on it. But this was expensive, inefficient and nearly impossible to accommodate for rapid growth.

Thankfully, cloud computing came along and changed everything. Now you could virtualize those servers to run a variety of different applications, all on one server. But something still wasn’t quite right. While some organizations embraced the public cloud for its unmatched scalability and geodiversity, they had to rewrite their applications and had widely varying monthly bills. Others found solace in their private cloud environment, where they could securely use their existing applications without rewriting them and have a predictable, easy-to-understand monthly bill. But it was hard to scale quickly for unexpected growth and there were recurring, expensive hardware investments to make.

With a hybrid cloud, IT has evolved. By combining the advantages of both private cloud and public cloud, hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds. Now you can manage your private and public clouds through one portal and optimize workloads for each environment’s strengths. And when you use the hybrid cloud, you have one dedicated team for support and only one bill to manage.

Gone are the days of having to settle for one or the other. Hybrid cloud allows you to seize control of your IT and solve your business challenges faster, so you can focus on the next big thing.

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