Webinar: Mitigating the Ransomware Threat with Otava & Veeam | OTAVA®

11-12-20 | Webinar

Webinar: Mitigating the Ransomware Threat with Otava & Veeam


How can organizations continue to protect themselves against ransomware and other malware attacks as the remote workforce evolves? Check out one of our Java with Otava educational videos for an in-depth discussion on ransomware and cybersecurity.

In this webinar recording, topics for discussion include:

  • Common-yet-surprising sources of ransomware
  • The rise of Ransomware as a Service
  • How you can mitigate the risk and be prepared in the event of a malicious attack

Watch the recording below to learn more!

Questions for our panelists? Contact us or email us and we’ll be happy to help!

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