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Top 5 Reasons To Develop A Cloud Backup Strategy

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The protection of business data is critical to the success of a company and, ultimately, its survival after a disaster. It doesn’t matter whether a business is big or small, every company needs to secure critical company information. Here are the top 5 reasons to develop a cloud backup strategy to secure your company’s vital data:

1. Life After Disaster

Approximately 93% of companies with important business data stored digitally that experience a disaster resulting in data loss go out of business within 2 years of the event. Backup strategies that involve physical storage devices are still at risk of damage or loss from a disaster. Flooding or a structurally damaged building can destroy a media device. Thieves can take them. With offsite cloud backup, all of a company’s most sensitive and important information is safe and instantly accessible. As soon as a company is ready to resume business-as-usual, lost data can be restored.

2. Freedom & Simplicity

Tape-based systems are time-consuming and can seem complex. When a task seems tedious to a business owner, backing up data may become a lower priority than tending to the work that generates income. This temptation to forego backing up business data becomes a thing of the past with a cloud strategy. Business owners enjoy the freedom and simplicity that is part of a reliable, automated solution. Securing the most important information for a company is no longer a burden or disruption.

3. Expense

What kind of expenses do most companies see popping up in budgets for data backup solutions? Usually items like software licensing for servers, the software itself, backup hardware, media devices and ongoing technical maintenance. These expenses can vary from month to month, making it difficult to budget consistently. An unexpected expense may tempt a small, struggling business to put off setting up their data backup system. With a cloud strategy, there is no investment in equipment. No ongoing purchases of media or maintenance is necessary. One predictable monthly expense covers the cost of data protection.

4. Reliability

Can a business owner guarantee that their company data will be backed up daily on a media storage device? Let’s face it, life happens. There are any number of distractions or disruptions that result in a business owner thinking that today, just today, skipping the backup task will be just fine. But what happens if something like a storm occurs during the night and a lightning strike wipes out everything that was intended to be backed up the following morning? A company loses every bit of data for the previous day and it can never be recovered. A cloud server backup strategy provides ongoing protection. Change a file, close a file, open a file and the cloud is automatically capturing those changes. And, should the worst happen overnight, a business is guaranteed that their data is still safe and accessible.

5. Productivity

Time is money in the business world and down-time is, in essence, a loss. A cloud backup system works automatically, which keeps workflow ongoing. Although backing up business data may seem to be a one-time task, the reality is that it should be a constant collection of all the newly created or altered information in real-time as it happens. The cloud can do this. An automated cloud backup strategy immediately replicates information as it is created and stores it offsite on a secure device. Offsite storage is the safest, most secure place for business data should a natural disaster occur. But cloud backup goes even further than just placing data in a safe place. It also organizes the information so that it is easier and quicker to recover it. And recovery can be performed at any time from any place.

If your company has not considered how vulnerable its on-site backup system is, it is time to bolster the protection of the information that is necessary for survival should the unthinkable happen. Don’t wait for a flood, an earthquake or the bad guys to put your system to the test. Then it will be too late. Contact us to partner with professionals who have the expertise to design a cloud backup strategy that is a perfect fit for your business and move forward with confidence.

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