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Top 4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Move to the Cloud

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If you’re a small business owner, chances are you have your hand in almost every part of your business. You probably wear many hats, like key decision maker, employee, stakeholder, investors, risk manager, etc. Above all, you realize there is little to no margin for error when it comes to your business.  

Sometimes it’s assumed that enterprise businesses are the only ones that truly benefit from migrating to the Cloud. This assumption is false- in fact small businesses can often benefit more from moving production and storage to the cloud than enterprises. Small businesses need flexible, customized IT solutions, and that’s exactly what the cloud can provide. 

Scalability for Growth 

Your small business will eventually grow by focusing on core competency projects and relationships that make it stand out. For most small businesses, IT is not a core competency and can feel like a hassle. Moving to the cloud where a cloud service provider can address all of your IT needs can help overcome this hassle, allowing you and your employees to focus on tasks that will make your small business grow. 

When your business does begin to grow, the cloud can easily accommodate and grow with you. If your business needs more storage, infrastructure, or computing power, you can easily find this space in the cloud. More employees, customers, computers, and files will ultimately mean your IT needs will expand. Easily scale these expanding needs with the cloud.  

Flexibility and Mobility 

Your small business probably has a handful of on-the-go employees. Sales people meeting with partners, executives meeting with important clients, etc. Employees who are traveling need access to applications and communications tools on the go to stay productive. Cloud-based applications can provide just that. Accessible via the internet, cloud applications allow your employees to collaborate and work from geographically distant locations, like the airport, hotel, or client’s office.

Increase Redundancy, Decrease Risk 

Small business owners must be risk takers but must also look to mitigate risk wherever possible. In the cloud, your small business can create outstanding redundancy, helping safeguard against natural disasters, human error, and cyber-threats. Small business, due to size and resources, can be paralyzed due to any sort of disaster. With data backed up in the cloud, your business can better overcome these disasters and continue operations status quo.   

Chances are your small business hasn’t addressed several security concerns. From email security, firewalls, and preparing for cyber-attacks, the cloud has affordable services for your business to keep data, employees, and operations safe. 

Reduce Upfront Capital Expenditures 

Small businesses, especially in their infant stages, experience low margins, small budgets, and unpredictable cash flows. Investing in a data center and hiring IT professionals is an expensive undertaking and requires large upfront capital expenditures. This sort of investment might not be feasible for your small business. Alternatively, a budgeted, monthly operating expense allocated to a cloud service provider can save your business time and money. This is one of the many benefits of the cloud; the ability to outsource IT at an affordable, monthly cost. The cloud provider assumes the management and maintenance of the infrastructure on which your data and applications run. Plus, with IT managed services, your small business can have the cloud provider act as your IT department, essentially providing IT as a Service.  

The Bottom Line

Small businesses can benefit just as much if not more than enterprise organizations by moving to the cloud. The benefits of the cloud are numerous, especially if you’re a business that is anticipating great growth and future success. Eliminate the hassle of IT and expensive capital investments by moving to the cloud!

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