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Simplify your IT with Cloud Computing

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The beauty of cloud technology is that it has the ability to simplify your IT systems, making it easy for your business to operate. The days of spending hours trying to navigate an archaic system are behind you! Outsourcing your cloud technology can give your business more focus, allowing your employees to become more efficient. The cloud can also free up much-needed storage space and allow your business the capacity to grow. The sky is the limit!

Solving a Point of Pain

Hosting all of your data on-site can cause capacity issues, and potentially threaten the safety of your data. The more data you acquire, the more space on premises you need to accommodate it, and the more infrastructure you will need to purchase. Additionally, if a disaster threatens your business, you run the risk of losing all of your data without an offsite backup.

This is where the cloud comes in.

To alleviate this IT headache, the cloud can host all -or some – of your data off-site to enable you to focus on more important mission-critical areas of your business. The cloud can solve the pain of capacity issues, giving you space to grow your data as your business grows. And by hosting data in the cloud, your business is protected from catastrophic data loss in the event of a disaster.

Infrastructure Costs

When you shift to the cloud you save yourself from the costs of building your own infrastructure, as well as the maintaining it. With the cloud, you do not have to make massive investments in storage, you can outsource to a service provider for a low, monthly cost. You’re not only lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO), but you are also converting your CapEx (capital expenses) into OpEx (operational expenses)!

Flexible Payment Structure

Price sensative? In addition to not spending your entire budget on infrastructure, the cloud gives you the flexibility to name your price. Storing your data in the cloud allows you to be very precise when reserving the amount of space you are going to use. Need to store 800 GB of data? Then you only pay for 800 GB!

Freedom to Innovate

With the time and resources you would have otherwise allotted to building and maintaining your own infrastructure, you can now focus on innovation.  By investing in the cloud, your IT staff spends less time managing your infrastructure and troubleshooting issues. Instead, your team can focus on new projects and grow your business operations.

The Bottom Line

The shift to the cloud holds several benefits for the modern business. In addition to simplifying your company’s IT processes, the cloud will help to reduce costs, improve innovation and enable growth. This disruptive trend is one that enterprises can no longer afford to ignore.

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