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Private Clouds Win

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According to Yankee Group’s recent  survey on Cloud Computing,  more enterprises are considering cloud computing a viable technology. Nearly 60 percent see the technology as an enabler, compared to just 37 percent a year ago.

Even more interesting, the Yankee Group found that private cloud computing is preferred 2:1 over fully managed public cloud solutions.   67% of respondents preferred the private cloud, whereas only 28% preferred a fully managed public cloud, 21% preferred an unmanaged public cloud, and 8% were looking to a hybrid cloud solution.

The private cloud addresses key enterprise concerns with the public cloud deployments:

  • Network and Data Security
  • Performance
  • Lack of IT control to manage the environment
  • Compliance Risks

Public clouds are useful in deploying development systems and public facing systems with non-corporate data.  When it comes to deploying corporate systems in the cloud, the private cloud seems to have the edge in both the confidence of IT managers as well as solving the key issues inherent to corporate IT deployments.

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