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Introducing: Online Tech’s Encrypted Enterprise-Class Clouds

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Encrypted Private CloudWe’ve been talking about encryption and clouds for a while now, and for good reason. We just released our next-generation cloud, strategically architected with enterprise-class infrastructure, including:

  • EMC VMAX SAN – providing disk monitoring and complete data encryption at rest
  • VMware Fault Tolerant hosts – providing automatic failover to ensure zero downtime and prevent data loss in the event of a hardware outage
  • Dell blade server chassis – increasing the speed and standardization of deployments

Visit our website to watch a video from our Co-CEO Yan Ness on the encrypted cloud and how it works:

Online Tech's Encrypted Cloud
Online Tech’s Encrypted Cloud

“Everything – the whole server’s encrypted. Not just the files or the disk drives on the server  – the actual server itself is encrypted.

We go beyond just encrypting the data on the server. We encrypt the whole server. You can’t not be encrypted, and be in our cloud environment. ” – Online Tech Co-CEO Yan Ness

As our press release states, our encrypted clouds don’t burden clients with key management, third-party software or custom programming. Some third-party cloud encryption software can slow down the performance of your core applications, particularly applications that need to process large volumes of data at a fast rate.

With Online Tech’s cloud, hardware-based encryption is built into the SAN (storage area network), meaning your data is encrypted as it’s being written to drives, and decrypted when read from drives with no impact on performance. That’s particularly important when you’re hosting mission-critical applications in the cloud, such as a hospital EHR (electronic health records) system that supports patient health data.

Automatic encryption at rest comes with every cloud, from a single cloud server to large enterprise cloud infrastructures. Encryption of data in transit can be achieved with SSL certificates, two-factor authentication and VPNs (virtual private networks).

Our encrypted cloud packages include a Multi-Tenant, Private and Enterprise Clouds (clickthrough for features, specs and recommendations):

  • Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Private Cloud Hosting
  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting


We know that encryption isn’t the data security silver bullet – our full suite of technical tools are meant to be layered up to build a multi-faceted, complete data and application security solution.

All of our cloud hosting solutions are HIPAA, PCI & SOX compliant – meaning we undergo annual audits to ensure compliance on our end. We can’t make you compliant. But we know what we’re responsible for as your secure cloud service provider, and which requirements we can satisfy for your organization. Contact us to develop a custom solution.

Also – our newly upgraded cloud infrastructure is available for all new clients, and existing clients are being upgraded at no additional cost.

EMC Symmetrix VMAX 10K Specifications Sheet (PDF)

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