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HIPAA Compliant Cloud: Real Companies, Real Solutions

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With the final HIPAA omnibus rule officially in place last week, cloud and data center providers supporting the healthcare industry are starting to sign BAAs (business associate agreements) and get familiar with the security requirements of HIPAA. But this means a lot of vendors are brand new to the market and just cutting their teeth in the industry under the updated compliance requirements.

If you’re entrusting protected health information (PHI) to a cloud vendor, choosing an experienced provider gives you assurance that they know what’s specifically required to protect data and applications under health IT law. Check their independent audit reports, history of security and compliance, as well as their ability to provide healthcare client references.

Why outsource? Healthcare organizations can increase their revenue-generating capabilities by pushing infrastructure management to a HIPAA compliant vendor. IT resources can be reallocated to support more end users and development, providing better in-house service of their core applications and increasing development time deployments.

As seen in our case study for Michigan Multispecialty Physicians (MMP), they chose to colocate their servers at Online Tech’s HIPAA compliant data centers for a number of reasons:

  • A HIPAA compliant data center using the latest technology without the hardware investment
  • Increased revenue generating capability and ROI for IT resources
  • A data center that offers high availability and an offsite IT disaster recovery solution.
  • Personalized service and support from Online Tech’s technical team.

Our other healthcare case studies provide successful examples of HIPAA compliant cloud, private cloud and colocation solutions for companies faced with IT challenges:

Genesys Physician Health Organization (PHO) – A HIPAA Compliant Colocation Case Study
The nightmare keeping healthcare IT executives tossing and turning at night? Headlines like this one: A tiny USB is stolen from the car of a health worker in Alaska resulting in the state paying $1.7 million in federal fines. …(continue reading)

Zadom Apps – A HIPAA Compliant Cloud mHealth Case Study
Zadom Apps develops HIPAA compliant mobile health app for plastic surgery patient images and notes. …(continue reading)

AccuMedWeb – A HIPAA Compliant Managed VMware Hosting Case Study
AccuMedWeb is a provider of ePCR (Electronic Patient Care Reporting) software. Their flagship software, eMedic Reports, lets EMTs and paramedics electronically record patient information in the field. …(continue reading)

See a full list of Online Tech’s case studies.

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