01-30-17 | Blog Post

Do companies who utilize the cloud grow faster? Survey says, “Yes.”

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Cloud hosting mythsCloudHealth Technologies recently released their “Secrets of the Cloud Leaders” report in which they surveyed 388 senior decision makers from US enterprises about their current cloud usage and strategy.

According to the survey, respondents which they designated as “cloud leaders” based on their results, grew revenue 2.3x faster and on average are generating a 35% YOY increase in their top line. The study drew a clear link between those enterprises executing a clear plan with the cloud, see far superior results than those that did not.

In addition to revenue growth, the survey found that the cloud leaders were 4x more likely to roll out new applications quicker and 2x as likely to be proficient in delivering applications and services.

To learn more about the survey findings, visit https://www.cloudhealthtech.com/secrets-cloud-leaders.



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