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Celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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cybersecurity awareness.jpgEvery October, the National Security Alliance and Department of Homeland Security team up to promote National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). With all of the recent data breaches and security attacks, (we’re looking at you, Facebook) October seems like a very appropriate month to review your security policies and heed some advice from security experts.

The month has been broken down into four weeks of cybersecurity themes for the home, career, office and nation-state. For week 1, we focus on securing our homes.

Why is this important? Most of us understand the value of our data at work–the company financial records, trade secrets, or employee-sensitive information we handle every day. But just because we’ve finally started to realize how important business data is doesn’t mean that our personal information is any less valuable. And with the explosive rise of IoT-connected devices, there are even more ways for an attacker to exploit a family’s personal information if they aren’t careful.

This week, the National Cyber Security Alliance is helping families understand basic security essentials they can all use to protect their homes from cyber threats such as ransomware or trojans. This includes Stop. Think. Connect.™ tip sheets (available in all sorts of languages, too) to help you determine where you and your family spends the most time online and how to ensure your home and mobile networks are secure and used responsibly.

This year, the theme is focusing on shared responsibility for cybersecurity, which could be extended and reinforced as a theme every year. The simple truth is, when we all work together to ensure basic online safety practices, we are all better protected.

For more information, check out https://staysafeonline.org/.

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