5 Benefits of Ethical Hacking

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Tommy McShane

5 benefits of Ethical Hacking


As the world progresses, more and more people are interconnected through technology. While this has its benefits, it also has its risks – hackers can target anyone anytime, no matter where they are in the world.

That’s why ethical hacking is so important. Ethical hackers are pivotal in shoring up your company’s IT security. Like their criminal counterparts, ethical hackers track down weaknesses that could be employed to steal your data and applications. An officially sanctioned certification credential even recognizes the field.

Ethical hacking is when a professional uses their skills to find vulnerabilities in a system, so they can fix them before a malicious hacker exploits them. In other words, ethical hackers are the good guys. There are many benefits of ethical hacking.

But first, let’s learn what ethical hackers do.


What does an Ethical Hacker do? Read on to discover…


Expose the Vulnerabilities in Your Systems

An ethical hacker attempts to find vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks with the owner’s permission. Their goal is to expose any potential security risks to address them before malicious hackers exploit them.

You can use ethical hacking to test both physical and digital security systems. To do this, ethical hackers use various techniques, including social engineering, password cracking, and malware creation.

While their methods may be similar to those used by malicious hackers, they intend to improve security, not exploit vulnerabilities. As such, ethical hacking is an essential part of keeping computer systems and networks safe.


Evaluate the Information Available to Hackers, and Identify the Most Valuable Data

Ethical hackers use the same techniques and tools as malicious hackers, but they aim to improve security rather than steal data or cause damage. To carry out a successful hacking attempt, ethical hackers must first understand how systems work and what makes them vulnerable to attack.

They then use this knowledge to design and execute tests that expose weaknesses. Once vulnerabilities have been identified, they work with developers to create solutions to fix the issues and prevent future attacks.

It’s essential to understand what type of data hackers are after, so you can take steps to protect your most valuable assets. Here are some of the most common types of data that hackers target:

  • Financial information
  • Customer data
  • Employee data
  • Intellectual property
  • Trade secrets


Test the Strength of Your Security Procedures, like Active Monitoring Against a Threat

Active monitoring is observing and responding to a threat actor’s attempts to access your systems or data. It’s an important security measure that can help you detect and respond to attacks quickly before they cause severe damage.

To test the strength of your active monitoring procedures, you can hire a professional penetration tester (or ethical hacker) to simulate an attack on your systems. It will help you assess how well your team can detect and respond to a real-world threat.


Propose Solutions to Fix the Vulnerabilities

There are many ways to fix vulnerabilities. Some are easier than others, some are more expensive than others, and some require a complete overhaul of systems. But there are always ways to mitigate vulnerabilities and make systems more secure.

The first step is always to identify the vulnerabilities. Once they have been identified, security teams can work on creating solutions that fit the needs of their organization.

Some standard solutions include:

  • Updating software and systems to the newest version
  • Change default passwords and usernames
  • Implement multi-factor authentication
  • Install security patches
  • Use a firewall
  • Educate employees


Ethical Hacking: Top 5 Benefits

In recent years, hacking has taken on a more positive connotation with the rise of ethical hacking. There are many benefits to ethical hacking, both for individuals and organizations.


1. Improve Security Posture

One of the most important benefits of ethical hacking is that it can help organizations identify and address security vulnerabilities in their systems. Organizations can harden their defenses by testing their system against potential attacks and be better prepared to deal with real-world threats.


2. Reduce the Risk of Data Breaches

Data breaches are becoming increasingly common and can have devastating consequences for businesses. By identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, ethical hacking can help to reduce the risk of data breaches.


3. Improve Incident Response

In the event of a security incident, it is crucial to have an effective incident response plan in place. Ethical hacking can help organizations test and refine their incident response plans to better deal with actual incidents.


4. Enhance Security Awareness

Organizations that engage in ethical hacking often find that it helps to raise awareness of security issues among their employees. Employees can become more security-conscious and better equipped to deal with potential threats by testing their systems and identifying vulnerabilities.


5. Build Trust With Customers

In today’s security-conscious world, customers are increasingly concerned about the safety of their data. By demonstrating that you take security seriously and are proactive in addressing vulnerabilities, you can build trust with your customers and show that you are committed to protecting their data.


Bottom Line

Ethical hacking is a valuable tool that businesses can use to improve security posture, reduce the risk of data breaches, and build customer trust. Organizations that engage in ethical hacking often find that it helps to raise awareness of security issues among their employees and can help to improve incident response.

Faced with rising cybercrime threats, organizations are leveraging ethical hackers as consultants to harden their security practices.  OTAVA® actively tests our infrastructure for vulnerabilities and works with our clients to identify and repair vulnerabilities in their defenses.  Talk to one of our experts today about how you can leverage ethical hacking to strengthen your systems.


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