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3 Cloud Computing Solutions for Pandemic Planning

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With the pandemic dictating business decisions and forcing companies everywhere to operate remotely, times are stressful and uncertain. Mobile workforce is inevitable for most businesses, which means organizations need to consider how they will maintain network security, provide easy access to essential information, and ensure their employees are properly equipped to work from home. In virtual times like these, the cloud is the saving grace for many businesses. Here are three cloud computing solutions for pandemic planning.

1. Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

With a majority of employees working remotely, new issues arise with regard to device management. How will your IT team handle patches, updates and troubleshooting? These issues are often magnified for organizations that adhere to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model, with disparate operating systems to factor in. Luckily, Desktop as a Service (DaaS)  offers a solution. DaaS provides IT teams with a single pane of glass to manage multiple, disparate devices remotely.

Users simply deploy the Virtual Desktop client on their laptop, working through the remote desktop interface, which typically offers access to secure network files. Not only does this offer an added layer of security, requiring employees to log in to access the network, it allows businesses to operate from anywhere and on any device. Additionally, should the physical device be lost or stolen, the virtual desktop is retained.

Ultimately, DaaS solutions increase productivity while working remote because important information is kept in the cloud and easily accessible. This effectively streamlines work from home and ensures remote business operations, which should be factored into your pandemic plan.

2. Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Solutions

When it comes to cloud computing, a cookie-cutter, one-size fits all solution often does not cut it for small to medium-sized businesses. Custom cloud solutions combine flexibility, scalability and the affordability that many businesses demand. This means you purchase what you need and can increase or decrease services as needed.

One of the major perks of a cloud computing investment is being able to choose between public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. Public cloud means your data is hosted in a multi-tenant environment and is available to you through the internet. A private cloud is just that  – a private environment built specifically for a given business, usually for companies that handle highly sensitive information. Hybrid cloud is a combination of both. This solution takes highly sensitive data that a company doesn’t want hosted on joint servers into a private cloud, while less sensitive data is kept in a more affordable, multi-tenant environment like the public cloud.

The beauty of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions are that you choose what you need for your corporation, which typically depends on your ROI. Many small to medium-sized businesses prefer the public cloud option because it’s affordable, more scalable and can be accessed over the internet. With a pandemic outbreak like COVID-19, businesses everywhere need solutions that are custom to their current needs, their mobile workforce and protect their data all at once. Public, private and hybrid cloud solutions can help.

3. Data Backup & Replication

In addition to public, private and hybrid solutions, cloud backup and replication can also benefit businesses in many ways during global events like the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). Both Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), powered by Veeam, ensure that data is constantly protected and can easily be restored, should your business experience data loss.

Additionally, global events like the COVID-19 outbreak introduce new concerns for data breaches, which makes it imperative for businesses to be proactive and to invest in preventative solutions like cloud backup and replication. The more preventative measures your business takes during a pandemic, the less of a chance your information is compromised and the stronger your pandemic plan is.

Bottom Line

Whether it’s the COVID-19 outbreak or a different pandemic, every business needs a plan. This should include preventative measures and key actions to take in response to a global crisis. Fortunately, cloud computing offers a wide-range of solutions that will make this pandemic easier on your business.

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