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2019 cloud computing trends to look out for

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future trends cartoon.jpgAs we look ahead to 2019 and that all-important “year of the future” 2020, what’s ahead for cloud computing? What should organizations be on the lookout for?

Cloud goes all in

Sooner or later, the bandaid of moving systems over piecemeal has to come off. Whenever possible, organizations are moving away from the lift-and-shift strategy and looking to refactor or rebuild entirely, according to Gartner. More than half of enterprises already using cloud now will have an “all-in” cloud strategy by 2021. Gartner advises organizations to plan a roadmap for their cloud strategy, and incorporate the lift-and-shift only when necessary.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

As more and more workloads move into the cloud, the architecture around that becomes increasingly complex. Enterprises will want to look at strategies to simplify their environments and keep management of them on track. Automation will play a key role in this. Trying to keep track of all the systems and workloads in the cloud will be too much for ordinary mortals. Automation and related tools will be the only way to stay on top of all the systems and still maintain good management practices.

What about hybrid cloud?

Remember when that was the trendy buzzword of 2016? (I do.) Has that fallen off in favor of public cloud, or are organizations still using a mix of private, public and even colocation for their workloads for the foreseeable future?

Well, hybrid is definitely still around and hasn’t gone anywhere. While RightScale has found that hybrid cloud has decreased as a top priority for organizations in 2018 compared to 2017, making a full transition to the cloud will still be difficult for some organizations. Hybrid deployments are a great solution to that problem. The key again is management–follow the KISS principle.


We’re stating the obvious here, but cloud is still growing as it continues to be more mainstream than on-premise deployments. Organizations must look to simplify their environments as they move more and more workloads into the cloud, especially if they are working with multiple cloud providers and multiple clouds. Management is important and automation will go a long ways towards helping business succeed.

How can Online Tech help you?

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